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    If you want to change your lifestyle but aren't sure how to start or have a busy schedule and can't seem to organize your life around food, I believe I can help you. 

Physical activity and nutrition are the simplest forms of preventative medicine and are essential to quality of life. Without them we suffer negative effects like: depression and anxiety, asthma or allergy related symptoms, insomnia, mood and mental illness, high blood pressure, digestive issues, obesity, diabetes, heart disease, and some cancers.

    I am not a personal trainer, nutritionist, or a personal chef but I can offer aspects of all three in a much more affordable, helpful, package. I've been a dancer and a runner, I'm active daily, mindful about nutrition, and have worked in and around healthcare as a licensed massage practitioner for eleven years. I have a bachelors in psychology from the University of Washington and am working towards a masters in nutritional science. I've learned a great deal about health, and through my own experiences, how to maintain a healthy balance while living an extremely busy lifestyle.

    I want to hold your hand as your own personal "health buddy", to help improve your quality of life and your relationship with food.
I can show you how to organize your weekly meals around a hectic schedule, a budget, that you don't have to sacrifice taste for nutrition, and we can meet for walks/hikes on a regular basis.
I understand how confusing all of this can be and am fully aware of the addictive powers of some foods. 

Plans vary depending on needs but will mostly include:
*A personalized plan that fits YOUR needs.
*Increased knowledge of food, nutrition, and your body.
*An initial pantry check at home and grocery store help.
*Helpful tips, tools, and my complete assistance. 
*Daily check-ins and frequent walks together.
*Foods, meals, recipe ideas, and daily organization. 
*Doing the shopping and weekly meal preparation for you
(not included in all plans - plan specific).

Initial consultation - $50 for an hour meeting.  
Monthly fee depends on the level of assistance and your budget. 
$50 - $500 a week (plus the cost of groceries).

 Commitment depends on what you want to achieve. One month is the minimum amount of time that you must commit, habits begin to change after 30 days. Together we will create the most appropriate plan for you. I only accept two health coaching clients per month to allow for individualized attention. Feel free to contact me with questions.